Weekly Bulletin

  The Mission Community of St Peter and the Holy Apostles

St Thomas, Royal Navy Avenue + St Peter, Wyndham Square + St James-the-Less, Ham Drive

PL2 2AJ                                       PL1 5EG                                    PL2 2NJ

A Church of England Parish in the care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Serving Keyham + Stonehouse + Ham & North Prospect


Parish Priest Fr. David Way SSC: 01752 240119 fr.davidway@gmail.com

            Fr. Graham Smith SSC: 01752 603812 fathergrahamsmith@hotmail.com

Fr. Phillip Lamb: 01566 776805 p.lamb1571@btinternet.com

St Peter’s Church School: 01752 667724

Parish Website: plymouthstpeter.co.uk ~ FOR MUCH MORE INFORMATION ON EVENTS, ETC.


Sunday 16th        July 2017

15th Sunday in OT


9.30am St Peter Lay Led

10.00am St Peter Fr PL

10.00am St Thomas Fr DW

Morning Prayer

Solemn Mass & Homily

Mass with hymns


The Mission Community


Mon 17th  


St Peter 10.00am Fr GS


The Faithful Departed


Tues 18th   


St Peter 10.00am Fr DW



For those discerning their vocation


Wed 19th        


St Peter 10.00am Fr DW



Those in need


Thurs 20th      

St Apollinaris Bp M

St Peter 10.00 am Fr DW

St James 12.00 pm Fr DW



For our school

Fri 21st      

St Lawrence of Brindisi Pr Dr

St Peter 10.00am Fr. DW   




Sat 22nd             

St Mary Magdalene

St Peter 10.00am Fr DW


Of Sunday

St James 5.00pm Fr DW




 Mass & Homily

For the Blessed Virgin Mary’s prayers  

Sunday 23rd        

15th Sunday in

Ordinary Time

9.30am St Peter Lay Led

10.00am St Peter Fr DW

10.00pm St Thomas Fr PL

Morning Prayer

Solemn Mass

Sung Mass & Hymns


The Mission Community


Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are said publicly at 9.00am and 5.30pm daily except on Sundays (see above). The church is open daily between 8.30am and 11.30am  


We welcome all visitors to our church, on a Sunday there are people sat at the back of church who will help you with any aspect of the church before or during the service. The clergy would love to have the opportunity to speak to you after the service.


Tea, coffee or soft drinks are available after Mass, there is no charge for these refreshments but any donations are always welcome


NOTE: Safeguarding: If you have any concerns regarding the safety of children and others who are vulnerable, regardless of age, you must tell the Duty Priest and/or Fiona Hazeel, the Lay Safeguarding Officer. 



PCC Meeting this Wednesday at 7.00pm in St Thomas’ Agenda’s available today


Walsingham Pilgrimage 25-29th September 2017. More information and booking forms available from Barbra Norris or Fr. David


Prayer Resources. There are a number of new Prayer Cards and Bookmarks on the Prayer Resources table. If there are any prayer petitions that you would like but are not included in the prayer resources, please let Sue Way know and she will look at sourcing these.


Ecumenical Prayers July 28th 12.00 noon at the Oasis Centre   

For Intercession If you have placed anybody on this list could you review their need to be on it regularly, and ensure that Fr David is made aware of any changes

Those who have asked for our prayers…. Denise, Bernard Roberts, Barbara Norris, Janice Allin, David Batten, Michael Turner, Mary Wood, Margaret Harris, Jane Williams, Leslie Porch, Sheila Tucker, Vic Poole, Bernice Annis, Marcia Haycock, Joy Parker, Brian Watts, Sister Mary Joseph, Len Haddy, Lee Brock, June Brock, Jean Johnson, Peter Athersuch, Harriet Morgan, Tina Smart, Pat Batten, Mike Smith, Fr Graham Francis, Joan Colmer, Joan Nichols, Roy Groves, Mary Cobbledick, Fr Graham Smith