Dear Friends,

You will all probably know by now that all Public Services within the Church of England have been suspended, this has been heart breaking news especially for a parish where we find strength in our daily round of Offices and Mass, all of which have been public until now. I am sure that I am not the only one who has been reflecting on the irony that the daily Mass was restored in this parish in 1848 in response to the outbreak of a Cholera epidemic and has continued unbroken since then! Please find comfort in the fact that the Daily Mass is still continuing, along with the praying of Morning and Evening Prayer, Morning Prayer is at 9.00, Mass is at 10.00 and Evening Prayer is at 5.30. The Mass is streamed live on our Facebook site if you wanted to watch at home. On Sunday’s there will ba private Mass at 10.00 and then Exposition Of The Blessed Sacrament at 11.00 until Midday, when the Blessed Sacrament will be  carried outside and the parish blessed. All of this is taking place at St Peter’s, at St Thomas’ the church is going to be open on Sunday evenings from 7-8pm for prayer. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do anything at St James for the moment.

I have set up a chat group called St Peter’s Virtual Church on Facebook where I hope we can stay in touch. On Friday’s I am hoping to have a phone around to see how everyone is coping, I will be using the Parish Directory for this so if your number has changed or if you think you may not be in the directory, get in touch and I will add you to the list.

Please keep Fr’s Lamb and Beck also in your prayers as they are both no doubt missing hands on ministry at this time.

If there is any other way in which I can serve you please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Christ we are united!


Fr David