Dear friends,

I didn’t think that when I wrote to you last Sunday the information I gave you would be so quickly out of date, but that is the speed in which things are moving in this present crisis. To talk about moving when we are being asked to stay indoors seems a bit contradictory but of course movement is taking place all of the time. Time does not stop and Lent proceeds and we are now about to go into Passiontide where our thoughts turn to the trials and suffering of Christ and his response of love. Of course, we know that the suffering will not have the last say, death will not win!

This is a time and an opportunity to deepen our faith and discover new ways of praying. Those who have computers or even mobile phones can discover a whole wealth of prayer resources online and we are trying to keep in touch as much as possible through our Facebook page (St Peter and the holy Apostles). We have been having a few social virtual get togethers via Zoom etc, and details will be posted about those. Given our parish history which I mentioned last week I will continue to say Mass daily, I have until now continued to use the St Vincent Altar for this, but unfortunately the time for this has come to an end and I will now be saying Mass from the Vicarage. This in itself causes problems as we should have someone with us to answer the Mass and as Sue is an essential worker who is still working, and the house is too small to practise social distancing, so a physical presence may not be possible. To help with this can I ask you to take time to stop and be a “Virtual Presence” at Mass, to this aim can you please comment to say that you are there and respond at the relevant times. Mass will continue at 12 Noon this week, Morning and Evening prayer are not streamed but you may like to pause and use the prayers we distributed last week and join me spiritually at 9.00am and 5.30pm. We need to also acknowledge that I am the only priest in the parish now and if I should become ill the long tradition may through necessity come to an end. 

I have signed up as an NHS Volunteer Responder and have just heard that we will be mobilised after March 31st. So, I am trying to serve my local community firstly as a priest, in celebration of the sacrament and in prayer but also in practical ways. I am continuing to phone around on Fridays, if you haven’t had a call it is either because I have been in touch via our chat group or other social media or I have not got your number!

Please be assured I am keeping you all in my prayers and I am here on the end of the phone if you want to speak, or even a computer screen!


Nails were not enough to hold God-and-Man nailed and fastened to the cross, had not love held him there.

Catherine of Siena


Fr David