Weekly Bulletin

The Mission Community of St Peter and the Holy Apostles

St Peter, Wyndham Square + St Thomas, Royal Navy Avenue  + St James-the-Less, Ham Drive

A Church of England Parish in the care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Parish Priest Fr. David Way SSC: 01752 240119 fr.davidway@gmail.com

Assistant Curate (SSM) Fr David Watson david@compton-it.co.uk

Fr. Phillip Lamb: 01566 776805 frphiliplamb@gmail.com

Fr. Roger Beck 01752336393 rogerbeck07@gmail.com

Mission Development Minister: Ben Otley 07939800544 benotley.mission.plym@gmail.com

Sunday 21st- First Sunday of Lent

10.00am St Peter Fr RB




Family, friends and loved ones

Monday 22nd- Chair of St Peter

St Peter 10.00am Fr RB



Schools and Colleges, children and young people

Tuesday 23rd- weekday of Lent (St Polycarp)

St Peter 10.00am Fr DCW


Elderly, isolated and vulnerable

Wednesday 24th- Weekday of Lent

St Peter 10.00am Fr DCW

St Peter 11.00am Fr DCW

Requiem Mass

 Funeral Rite

Fiona Hazeel RIP

Thursday 25th- Weekday of Lent

St Peter 10.00am Fr DCW


The NHS and other key workers

Friday 26th- Weekday of Lent

St Peter 10.00am Fr DCW

Stations of the Cross &Mass

National and Local Government

Saturday 27th- Weekday of Lent

St Peter 10.00am Fr DCW

St Peter 11.00am


Holy Hour


All who are grieving, and all suffering with physical and mental ill-health

Sunday 28th- Second Sunday of Lent

10.00am St Peter Fr DCW

10.00am St Thomas Fr RB



Family, friends and loved ones

Parish Website: plymouthstpeter.co.uk ~ FOR MUCH MORE INFORMATION ON EVENTS, ETC.

For Intercession

Those who have asked for our prayers…. Denise, Janice Allin, Michael Turner, Mary Wood, Leslie Porch, Sheila Tucker, Marcia Haycock, Sr Mary Joseph, Tina Smart, Avril Archibald, Kathy Haydon, Dominic Luscombe, Gillian Philpott, Bobby Lilicrap,Sr Mary Patrick, June Brock, Natalie Firth, Emma Addison, Georgie Maher, Glyn Davies, Ian Craggs, Brenda Alderson, Jane Wells, Lois Tobin, Michael O’Leary, Liz Galley,Gwen Lamb, Trevor Hewison, Stuart Mason

Recently DepartedJohn Stark (priest), Fiona Hazeel

Anniversaries of Death

NOTE: Safeguarding: If you have any concerns regarding the safety of children and others who are vulnerable,  

regardless of age, you must tell the Duty Priest and/or Susan Way, the Acting Lay Safeguarding Officer.  


Mass is regularly streamed at https://www.facebook.com/stpetersplymouth

Fortunately, we are still open for public worship and private prayer daily between 8.30 and Noon with Mass at 10.00am (Livestreamed), Unfortunately we have had to close St Thomas’ for the lockdown period. If you are healthy and able to help staff the church on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, please let Fr. David know.

Fiona Hazeel RIP- There will be a Requiem Mass on Wednesday at 10.00am to which you are all welcome followed by a Funeral service at 11.00am for family members only

Lent- Unfortunately there has not been enough interest in the Lent course for Tuesday Nights and so it will not be running. Friday Mass will be proceeded by Stations of the Cross. On Saturdays during Lent we will have a Holy Hour at 11.00am- noon and on Sunday evenings there will be a Lent Liturgy at 6.00pm. We hope to livestream as much of this programme of services as possible. We will also be having a Mission Community collection throughout Lent for Derriford Hospital, in lieu of Lent Boxes, please think of some ways in which you could contribute.

Do you know someone who feels vulnerable to crime and are living in Stonehouse? If so St Peter’s are able to refer you for work to be carried out to make you safer for eg security lights installed, door chains fitted Window locks fitted and cutting back hedges. Anyone can apply and there is no means testing etc. Please see Fr David for details.

If you want to talk to someone, please do not hesitate to give Fr David or any of the other clergy a ring