P.C.C. Minutes




Meeting Date

23rd February 2022


As recorded in the attendance book                                                  


Father David opened the meeting with a prayer.


Mr. Edward Luscombe, Fr. David Watson, 

Absent Mr. Russell Cawley

Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted as a true record



Matters arising

There were no matters arising no included in the meeting                       

PCC Responsibilities




The controller on the main heating panel in St Peter’s is not working. We are waiting for an engineer to investigate

All of the buildings survived the recent storms with no damage.

We are waiting for the locksmith to attend St. Peter’s in order thst the lock on the West door can be repaired.

A request has been received to remove the pews at St. James and to replace them with chairs.  


See Treasurer’s report attached.



Ideally, there should be a differe4nt person responsible for each role within the Church, rather than a duplication of positions

Safe guarding  / GDPR                                                                                                                              

The Parish Priest and Safeguarding Officer have been aware of a reason of concern which is being observed and monitored.

Mission Focus /Reconnecting


St. Thomas: There is a possibility of the Church Army using St. Thomas a centre of mission. This would lead to the church becoming more involved with the people of Keyham and as a worshiping community.

House of Formation


A house of Formation is opening in Preston in September. It is planned to open additional houses in Chichester and Plymouth. It is aimed for those with no academic background who are looking for ordination. It would involve them studying and working in the local parishes.

Community Larder

This is proving to be very successful with the shelves being almost empty by most weekends. It is hoped that we will be able to receive double the present quantities

Baby Basics

There is a requirement that we register, to which there is a cost involved, in order to participate in this scheme. It is hoped that the running costs will be met by donations, both financially and of clothing etc.

Community Meal

The first Luch Club meal proved to be successful and the second is planned to be held on 24th February.


The P.C.C. were advised that the minibus belongs to the Scouts and that it is coming towards the end of its life due to the continuing repairs that are needed to keep it on the road. Father David and the Churchwardens would discuss possible options in the future.

Bishop of Ebbsfleet

There is no further information regarding the appointment of a new Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Walsingham Pilgrimage

The St. Peter pilgrimage to Walsingham is to become the official pilgrimage for the S.W Forward in Faith parishes as pilgrims want to have a Diocesan Pilgrimage. A number of other churches have shown an interest.



Walsingham Festival



On the evening of Friday 20th May, the image of Our Lady of Walsingham will received at St Michael’s Church in Heavitree. Saturday is the Festival Day which will take place at Exeter Cathedral. One of the Guardians of the Shrine will join us for Mass in St. Peter’s on Sunday morning. The closing service of the festival being Evensong and Benediction at 4.30pm in St. Peter’s, in the presence of the Image of Our Lady, followed by refreshments.

Glastonbury Festival

Following the break due to Covid, the Glastonbury Festival will take place year on Saturday 9th July

Chrism Mass

This will take place in Exeter Cathedral on Tuesday 12th April, with the reserve stock of the Holy Oils will be stored in St. Peters

Dates of PCC for the coming year

The A.P.C.M. will be held in St. Peter’s with the date yet to be decided.


There being no further business, Fr. David closed the meeting with a blessing.


Signed as a true record


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