P.C.C. Minutes




Meeting Date

9th November  2022

Meeting Venue

St. Peter’s Church


As recorded in the attendance book                                                  


Father David opened the meeting with a prayer.


Fr. David Watson, Graham Roberts Susan Mackenzie

Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted as a true record


Matters arising

There are still questions regarding St. Thomas being used by the playgroup with a youth group just starting up.

The Centre of Mission idea seems to have ground to a halt.

The pet service, quiz and Remembrance Service at St Peter’s where all very successful.


St Peter’s heating system is having problems although it is due for a service which hopefully will sort this out.

St Thomas there are problems with the windows but the lightening conductors have been checked and are ok.


See Treasurer’s report attached.

As reported at the last meeting, with the increased costs of gas and electricity, there is still a need to be conscious of what we are spending, and where we can save money.

Safeguarding / GDPR                                                                                                                              

The issue previously reported is still being monitored. The concern is how we notify other churches of potential safeguarding issues.



Saturday 26th November: Lighting of the St. Thomas Christmas tree at 4.00pm

Saturday 3rd December: Phoenix Chorale Christmas Concert in St. Peter’s.

Friday 9th December: Parish Christmas meal.

Friday 9th December: School concert in St. Peter’s at 5.00 pm

Saturday 10th December: University Choir Christmas Concert in St. Peter’s

Friday 16th December: Levowan Christmas Concert in St. Peter’s

Energy costs /cost of living

Some money has been released by the Church of England to help with the energy costs but it does not equate to very much per Church nor does it make any allowances for churches like ours which stay open for longer.

Food Larder

The supply of food for the food larder is due to stop in December, meaning that it will need to close unless funding can be found.

Primary School

The immediate problem is the large fall in numbers during the last two years.

On a more positive note, they are due to take part in the school’s Gun Crew race in 2023. Also, the Evening Herald gave the school a very good write up.

Dates of PCC Meetings for the coming year

January 24th at St. Thomas (please note change to date and venue); March 8th at St. Thomas with a date for the A.P.C.M. still to be decided.

All meeting to start at 7.00 pm


There being no further business, Fr. David closed the meeting with a blessing.


Signed as a true record



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