P.C.C. Minutes


                        MINUTES OF T HE JOINT PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL        


Meeting Date

11th September   2019


As recorded in the attendance book                                                  


Father David opened the meeting with a prayer.


Miss Sarah Fowkes, Mrs. Joan Colmer. Absent: Mr. Derek Thomas

Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted as a true record.


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising                                                                                                                                        

 PCC Responsibilities



The Quiquennial reports for St. Peter’s and St. Thomas have been received but as yet there has been no time to examine them properly. At first glance there appears to be no urgent work required, however, part of the repair work on the roof at St. Thomas has been completed and a quote will be obtained to complete the remaining work.

Deanery Synod Report

An extraordinary meeting was held to start work on the Plymouth Deanery Plan. Nothing contentious was proposed and the meeting split into groups with time scales to implement the plan being discussed. The Dean of Exeter will addressing the Deanery Synod members at their next meeting.



See attached Treasurer’s report

Safeguarding  /GDPR                                                                                                                                    

There were no issues to report.

St. James 

The planting church are awaiting report from the architect regarding a faculty, however, this is now unlikely to happen until February.


History of The Parish of St. Peter & The Holy Apostles



It was decided to order a reprint of Edward Luscombe’s book entitled The History of The Parish of St. Peter & The Holy Apostles. This would be paid for by the parish with proceeds from the sales going towards the cost. It is hoped to produce  an  updated version of the Guide to St. Peter’s leaflet with perhaps a simplified version for children


Feed Back On Feast Of Fun

If future events are to be run, we need to check on other events taking place in the area as there was a clash of events on the day. No one from the parish attended, although there were a large number of visitors from the Prince Rock area. They said that they were made to feel welcome at the event and the photograph was well received. Ben Otley managed to collect a large number of email addresses from the visitors, and he will contact them with details of any future events.

 Church opening

St. Peter’s: The first week saw a steady flow of people, however, weeks two and three not as successful. It is hoped that in the future, St. Peter’s will become a Well Being Hub. The after-school club will take place on Thursdays between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm

St. Thomas: It is hoped that this opening will take place in the near future.

Service books

A meeting will be arranged to discuss the format that should be used. When a format has been decided upon, it will then be proposed at the next P.C.C. meeting.

Elmer The Elephant

It was agreed that a bid would be made to purchase the St. Luke’s Elmer elephant that was labelled St. Peter’s School


Leading The Church Into Growth

A Residential course is to be run by Bishop Philip North from the 9th to 11th of October. Mrs Susan Way, Mr. Julian Davis  and Mrs Fiona Hazeel showed an interest in attending

Dates of PCC Meetings for the coming year

11th September at St. Peter’s; 13th November at St. Thomas;   15th January at St. Peter’s; 11th March at St. Thomas, with the A.P.C.M. being held on Sunday 19th April at St. Peter’s.

All meeting to start at 7.00 pm


There being no further business, Fr. David closed the meeting with a blessing.


Signed as a true record


Treasurer Report – September 2019

The total income for July and August was £9,042.


£1,529 came directly from giving in the 3 churches. In addition to this, we have 6 people in the Parish Giving Scheme who donated £520 plus a further £95 gift aid was reclaimed by the Diocese on our behalf.


We received a donation of £6,000 from St. Peter’s Hostel during this period which went towards the loan repayment, Common Fund and running expenses of the 3 churches.


We are still awaiting the repayment of this year’s Gift Aid claim, which should be just over £5,000. I rang H.M.R.C. yesterday to chase the claim, and it appears to have been overlooked for some reason, but they are going to process it as soon as possible on our behalf.


Total expenditure for these 2 months was £12,276.


Utility expenses accounted for £4,290 and insurance for a further £1,818.


£1,929 was paid in July for the quarterly loan and a further £2,000 was paid towards this year’s Common Fund, leaving an outstanding balance of £6,158 to be paid before the end of the year. A further £2,000 will be paid in October, which will leave £4,158 to be found by the 3 churches if we are to pay our Common Fund in full for the 3rd consecutive year.


Following the Quinquennial at St. Thomas, there were a number of holes found in the roof, which have now been repaired at a cost of £1,074. However, when the roofer was working, he found that the close mitred hips of the roof were very poor and vulnerable in high winds as no lead had been fitted leaving the felt and batten open to the elements and the batten had begun to rot. While the scaffolding was in place, it made sense to have this work completed. It has now been repaired with a fully bedded hip in sand and mortar, which was the most cost effective and also a long term option. This came at an additional cost of £834 giving a total cost of £1,908. This was paid for by St. Peter’s Hostel. However, the hips on the other 2 corners are still in need of repair as there was no scaffolding on that side of the building, so the members of St. Thomas need to start thinking of ways to raise money towards the cost of the roof repairs.


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