P.C.C. Minutes




Meeting Date

8th June 2022

Meeting Venue

St. Thomas Church


As recorded in the attendance book                                                  


Father David opened the meeting with a prayer.


Fr. David Watson, Mr. Richard Coombes, Mrs. Susan Way    Mr. John Harvey 

Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted as a true record

Election of Secretary to the PCC 

Mrs Jennifer Tregillis was proposed by Mrs. Joan Colmer and seconded by Mrs. Susan Mackenzie. There were no other nominations, so Mrs. Tregillis was appointed as P.C.C. Secretary for a further 12 months



Matters arising

It is planned to move the food larder into the far end of Cloisters. The present position is getting too hot for the food due to the current high temperatures. It also means that the congregation can engage with the people who are using the food bank. There is some uncertainty surrounding the current funding continuing                                                                                                                      


St. Thomas:   The new notice board has now been installed at the entrance to the property.

The hall windows are in a very poor condition However, at present it is unclear as to who owns the building which is causing doubt as to who is responsible for the repair costs. With the regular weekly use of the hall, some thought needs to be given to upgrading the kitchen facilities.

St. Peter’s: The lights and mirror in the Ladies toilet have been repaired. The lights in the Rill have also been repaired.

Election of Treasurer to the PCC 

Mr. Graham Roberts was proposed by Mrs. Jennifer Tregillis and seconded by Mrs. Susan MacKenzie for the position of P.C.C. Treasurer. There were no other nominations, so Mr. Graham Roberts was appointed to the position for a further 12 months


See Treasurer’s report attached



There was only 1 nomination for Churchwarden at the Annual Meeting. When the paperwork is returned to the Diocese, this will highlight our Parish as being unable to fill all the required positions.

Safe guarding  / GDPR                                                                                                                             

The issue previously reported is still being monitored. Other than that, there are no matters causing concern.



The complete Walsingham Weekend was a wonderful occasion. St. Peter’s had the honour of holding the final event of the weekend which allowed the church to be seen at its best. A huge thank you to Maria and her staff for the amazing food.

Corpus Christi: It is planned to hold Evening Prayer and Benediction to mark the event.

Due to PL1 not being available, it is hoped to hold this year’s Petertide  meal at Zeus

Baby Basics

The insurance for Baby Basics is in place so it is now possible to issue the items when referrals are received.

There will be a need for some fund raising in the future as certain items need to be new which will require them to be purchased, rather than having them donated. 1 suggestion is to hold a Parish lunch after a Sunday Mass

Community Cafe

Liam Hepton is keen on opening a Community Cafe with a charitable side to it. In the 1st instance, it will be restricted to 

Drinks with cake and biscuits being available. This will allow us to judge the support and viability of the venture.

There was also the suggestion to hold a silent café, particularly for those with certain disabilities, during Mass from 10.00 to 10.30

Dates of PCC Meetings for the coming year

September 7th at St. Peter’s; November 9th at St. Thomas; January 11th at St. Peter’s; March 8th at St. Thomas with a date for the A.P.C.M. still to be decided.

All meeting to start at 7.00 pm


There being no further business, Fr. David closed the meeting with a blessing.


Signed as a true record



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