P.C.C. Minutes




Meeting Date  

17th July  2019


As recorded in the attendance book                                                  


Father David opened the meeting with a prayer.


Mrs. Susan Way, Mr. Russell Cawley

Absent: Mr. Derek Thomas

Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted as a true record                              


Matters Arising

St. Peter’s Open day did not prove to be as successful as hoped, with low numbers visiting the church. On reflection, it was felt that more advertising regarding the event was needed. Following on from the Open Day, it was felt that it would be good to have a permanent display of St. Peter’s history in the church.

 PCC Responsibilities


Quinquennial Inspections

The Quinquennial inspections have now been completed at both St. Peter’s and St. Thomas. Although we are awaiting the reports, a number of holes have been found in the roof at St. Thomas which require repairing as soon as possible.


See attached Treasurer’s report


There were no issues to report.

Father David issued a copy of ‘Reporting of Serious Incidents to the Charity Commission’ to all present. After discussion, it was agreed unanimously that the document be adopted in its present form for the Mission Community. A copy will be attached to the signed copies of these minutes displayed in each of the 3 churches.

St.James Update                                                                                                                                              

Meetings will be taking place in the near future to agree the legal side of the planting church, with the Quinquennial inspection at St. James being due. The cost of this will be met by the planting church, in association with the Diocese of Exeter. It is hoped that the works will commence it October, however a faculty, yet to be applied for, will be required.


Ben Otley

The Diocese appreciate the work that Ben has been doing, although it has been pointed out that he needs to be spending more time within the 2 Mission Communities.

Mission Focus  


The opening of St. Peter’s each Thursday is planned to begin on Thursday 8th August. The hope is to open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm each week. In order for this to be successful a rota of volunteers will needed. For safeguarding and safety reasons, there should be a minimum 2 people present at all times.


It is hoped to start a similar project at St. Thomas   in the near future, with the times yet to be confirmed.


It is envisaged to start an after school club at St. Peter’s in September, when the school returns from the Summer holidays. It is hoped for it to run from 3.30 pm and end with evening prayer at 5.30 pm.

Mission Focus

The P.C.C. was asked for their opinion a couple of Order of Service books that Father David has collected. It is planned to have a working group meeting in the near future to discuss different formats for use in St. Peter’s and to report back to the P.C.C. before any final decision on format is agreed. It is hoped that this will avoid the continual need to photocopy the paper Order of Service we currently use, as the new booklets can be easily collected by the Sidesmen after Mass as people leave Church.

Dates of PCC meetings for the year

11th September at St. Peter’s; 13th November at St. Thomas;   15th January at St.Peter’s; 11th March at St. Thomas, with the A.P.C.M. being held on Sunday 19th April at St. Peter’s.

All meeting to start at 7.00 pm


There being no further business, Fr. David closed the meeting with a blessing.


Signed as a true record